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Nov 11 2014: Show time!

We'll be playing the Caledonia Lounge on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, with our good friends the Warm Fuzzies and Robot Party!

Also, this is a non-Squidmas show. So no time spent doing holiday covers, just a relentless barrage of Doctor Squid hits until Larry loses his voice!


Oct 21 2013: Guys.

Squidmas is back.

Though we've been stranded at opposite corners of the Earth for longer than we care to think about, Doctor Squid is heroically reuniting this December to resurrect the greatest of holiday traditions: Squidmas.

We'll be playing the usual mix of Doctor Squid originals, holiday classics, Doctor Squid originals mixed with holiday classics, and other musical abominations that only come along once a year. Standard Squidmas dress code will be in effect (basically, dress up like nothing in your life has ever been so important as looking Christmas-y).

This year's show will be Thursday, December 5th at the Caledonia Lounge, where we'll be joined by the exceptionally talented Warm Fuzzies and Skipperdees.

It's going to be epic, and who knows when we'll be able to do it again, so don't miss it!


Jul 10 2012: So... I feel like I should probably update you all on the state of the band.

"Spread out" is the term that best explains it. If I'm not mistaken, none of us are currently sharing a city of residency. Jason is living in Tennessee. Add that to busy "real world" work schedules, and what you get is basically no chance to so much as practice, let alone play live.

That said, the band is still together in spirit. If we saw a weekend coming where we'd all be in Athens together, and had some time available to remember how the hell our songs go, there's a good chance we'd seize the opportunity and put on a show. I don't expect that Doctor Squid has played our last gig, though it's pretty certain we've passed our peak productivity.

On the bright side though, Larry and I have started recording new music, which is going really well. It'd be unfair to call it "Doctor Squid", since we're just half the band, but it's at least the kind of thing Doctor Squid fans are sure to enjoy. Hopefully we'll be able to get Sam and maybe even Jason on at least a few tracks, because dammit we're a family.

Anyway, look forward to some (awesome) new music possibly by the end of the year, and don't count us out on playing shows again.

P.S. You buy this CD yet?


Feb 14 2012: So. The new album is a loose concept album: all the songs relate to a single theme. And it's a theme involving people, so if you like you can think of it as a story. But we didn't arrange it (track order wise) like a story, we arranged it for musicality. The point being that I've always sort of wondered what it would like if we tried to arrange it thematically, and today I took a crack at it.

And I think it works pretty well! Obviously some of the track transitions are screwed up, but if you were to tweak the masters a bit to account for that, I think this ordering would work just as well as the one we went with. So give it a spin if you're curious:

1. Through Your Eyes
2. You Got It
3. RockSolid
4. As Soon As I Discern
5. Keeping Me Away
6. Come Around
7. Carry On
8. Askew
9. To The Snow
10. If You Do
11. Regret It And Let It
12. Through Any Eyes


Feb 2 2012: How's this for awesome? Next Thursday, we're playing a show with none other than Michael Cardinal's band The Rotating Point Source at the Caledonia here in Athens. This is one of those shows that destiny has been leading up to for a long time.

Also, it's your first chance to hear the tracks from our new album live. We're stoked to finally be playing them to a crowd that won't be hearing them for the first time. Got songs you want to hear? Shoot us an email, we'll try to work them in.

And if you still haven't got your copy of the new CD... Don't waste any more time, you need to prepare for what's coming Thursday!


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