Doctor Squid:

Treasure Chest

Here you'll find all the little extra things we do for you, our beloved fan. It's worth noting that a lot of what is and will be posted here comes out on the Squidlist long before it makes it to the website, so sign up for that if you haven't already.

Bonus Tracks

If you picked up a copy of our CD at a live show, then you've got a secret code that will enable you to download some additional material we've recorded. Just enter the code in the box below and click "Submit".

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Doctor Squid: The Game

That's right, its a bona-fide PC game. You play a microscopic but friendly Squid trying to protect the heart from invading viruses. Mac users can probably get it to work with Wine, but you're on your own. Enjoy!

Download Doctor Squid: The Game

iPhone Ringtones

A ready made set of ringtones for all you snobby iPhone users. Download iPhone ringtone pack.

Holiday Tunage

Check out the Squidmas Live LP, available for pay-what-you-want on Bandcamp. This CD features live performances of all the best Squidmas tunes from the 2011 and 2010 shows.

We've also released a handful of singles over the years as free downloads: